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The F Word

The F Word

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This book was published on the occasion of David Ostrowski's solo exhibition at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2015. The catalogue presents both raw and minimalistic works using a monochrome palette, and shows the great attention given to the exhibition space and hanging thought by the artist. As the title suggest, The F Word also plays with humor and seriousness. 

Softcover, 184 pages
21,5 x 27 cm (8,5 x 11 in)
Published by Arken Museum of Modern Art

AUTHORS Jörg Heiser, Christian Gether
CURATORS: Christian Gether, Stine Høholt, Andrea Rygg Karberg
EDITORS: Christian Gether, Stine Høholt, Camilla Jalving
GRAPHIC DESIGN: David Ostrowskim Darryl Natale

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